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Could you read hint 5 please?


This is a read and run activity.
First you need to print out 8 copies of the man in shadow. Write hint 1-8 underneath each one. One the back of the 8 sheets stick a different one of the 8 hints.
Stick the 8 sheets with the hint hidden all over the classroom.

The students have a worksheet each and play janken to see who is the loser. The winner gets to pick one of the hints and ask “Could you read hint XXX?” (XXX=the hint number)

The loser must stand up and walk over, look behind the paper and memorise the hint. Then return and tell the winner. They both write down the hint. Janken again…. repeat.

This repeats until they have all the hints and can guess the person.

THE PERSON is from the COLUMBUS textbook. If you do not use this text you will have yo think of different clues and a person.

The answer is Dr. Sankai Yoshiyuki. Photo included.

imgres-8 imgres-1 hints detective

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p90) - "Shopping: May I... / Could you..."
vocab:   cheap,  coat,  could,  expensive,  hmm    (details)

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