Can you _?

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Can you play tennis?

Practice / Production

This is based on the popular “cootie catcher” (CC) design.

First when you are finished printing the copies of this activity you MUST remember to cut off the white rectangle of extra paper at the bottom!!!

Hand out the “worksheet” and show the students how to make the “cootie catcher” using a huge version. You could also out the kids into groups when making this so that they can help each other. (should take about 5 minutes) I’ve added instructions incase you dont’t know how to make it.

Make sure that the worksheet is on the OUTSIDE of the “cootie catcher”!


The students walk around the class and ask a friend “When is your birthday?”
If the answer is June 7th, for example, the person asking the question opens and closes their CC horizontal and vertical 6 times (June = 6).

On the 4 triangles inside where the CC stops, count around clockwise 7 times (date of the birthday). Start on the triangle with the STAR.

Finally ask the question where you finish. Depending on the answer write a small CIRCLE or CROSS and get the interviewee to sign the triangle.


After the kids have collects enough results they all sit down and open the CC. Use the worksheet inside to make a report about their interviews. They should all have a signature and a CIRCLE or CROSS so it’s possible to make “Andy can swim.” or “Andy can’t play tennis”.

Great for the Tactile Students VATK

1 can you - cootie catcher v2 d33_cootie_instructions_screen

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  1. lina says:

    Hello,this is the first time on the site ,everything looks amazing ,is there any way i can print out some of the worksheets ?Can`t seem to find out how,there is no mark for it.

    • andymckie says:

      Yup. Once you click on the worksheet to make it big. Right click and print. So you can save it to your computer and do it from there.

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