Can you _?

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Can you swim?


The students think of 3 questions and write them next to the ROCK PAPER SCISSORS icons.
It shouldn’t be difficult if they just finished the Snoopy board game.

Once they have all finished, the students walk around and play JANKEN. The winner must ask the question they won with…. for example, if the student won using SCISSORS they must ask the question next to scissors.

The loser must answer and the winner makes a sentence next to spiderman like “Andy can’t swim.” or “Kenta can play chess.”

If they finish the sheet they can sit down and relax. This gives the students the incentive to win, write english and finish.

*Make sure that there are at least a third of the students left standing when you finish the game. You don’t want to isolate the kids if there are few left at the end, and the kids sitting will get board if they are get with nothing to do for a while.

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