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When is Andy’s birthday?


Print this as a double sided A4 sheet for the students.

First start by asking the students questions. They have to hunt both sides to find the answer, raise their hand and answer. First one to get the correct answer wins a point (or sticker).

Once the students have practiced and understand how the calendar works. They have to do it themselves.

All the students stand up and play janken. The winner asks the loser a WHEN question relating to one of the dates on the sheet. The winner SLOWLY counts down from 5. If the loser can find it and answer in time, the winner signs the losers sheet near the date the question was relating to.
If the JANKEN loser cannot find it in time, the JAKEN winner gets a signature next to the date in question.

Students with the most signatures are the winners.

calendar dates1 calendar dates2

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p102) - "When's the next band practice?"
vocab:   around,  fly,  for,  grass,  jump,  minute,  stay,  turn,  walk,  water    (details)

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