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When is Christmas Day?


This is a game using the DOUBT rules.
There are 2 strips per page but we only need 3 strips per set of cards. (21 cards)

The students make groups of 3-5 students.
3 students – 7 cards each
4 students – 5 cards each
5 students – 4 cards each

The first student asks the student to their left any question from the list. example “When is Christmas Day?”. The next student must look for the matching card in their hand and play it face down on in the middle of the desks and say the answer.
THE STUDENT MUST PLAY A CARD. So if they dont have the matching card in their hand they MUST play any card and LIE! (Which is why we need the list of dates and answers at each group)

If any student thinks they are lying, they can say DOUBT as long as the next student hasnt played the next card. Once DOUBT has been called, the last card is turned over and checked. If the student who played the card was lying then they need to pick up ALL the cards in the pile. If the player was truthful, the person calling DOUBT picks up all the cards.

The player playing a card after someone picks up an entire pile can chose any question to start from.

when cards cal answer sheet

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p102) - "When's the next band practice?"
vocab:   around,  fly,  for,  grass,  jump,  minute,  stay,  turn,  walk,  water    (details)

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