I need _ which _

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I need a camera which has a big lens.


Students make groups of 3-5 students.
There are 2 sets of cards for each group for this Karuta activity.

The square PICTURE cards are scattered, face up on the groups desks. The rectangle “sentence” cards are in a neat pile, face down on the desk.

The students take it in turns reading the “sentence” card.  The other students in the group listen to the sentence and try and touch the matching PICTURE card thats face up on the desks.

If they are correct the get to keep the picture card to help keep score. The “sentence” card is discarded next to the pile of unused “sentence” cards.

cards1 copy copy cards1 pics1 copy copy pics1

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  1. Colin Haverty says:

    hey buddy I like this! gonna try it tomorrow. 🙂

    • andymckie says:

      This one works really well for me. Especially coming from the “over the top” presentation. I hope your acting skills are better than mine… lol

      Let me know how you get on

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