I need _ which _

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I need a camera which looks girly.
I need a camera which is made by Sony.
I need a camera which is sporty.


Use the pictures to pretend you are in an electronic goods store. Get the kids to try and make sentences OR make sentences and stick them on the board. The kids can then try and find a match in the “store”.

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  1. andymckie says:

    I use the dialogue:

    Me: Welcome to Bic Andy! How may I help you?
    Stu: I’m looking for a _____ which ______.
    Me: How about this one? (Show a product from the board. Always pick up the wrong product the first time)
    Stu: Great! Thanks. / No way!

    (If the student says No way, go back to the board and pick up the correct product and say again “How about this one?”)

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