Must / Mustn’t / Should / Shouldn’t

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You must wear a helmet.


You can use these cards to help the students make sentences from “every day” signs they might see.
There are a few crazy ones that act as jokers.

The way I use them is that I make 2 sets of cards for each group. (On set with no answers on them that act as FACE up cards for the students to touch, and a second set WITH answers that are face down in a pile and act as the question cards)

The students take it in turns to draw a question card and make a sentence. The other members of the team will them try and find the matching card and touch it first.

If the person reading the question card is lucky enough to draw one of the “winner” cards. They automatically win that card. 🙂


signs copy copy signs copy 3 signs copy 2 must1


School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p70) - "He must learn to be patient with other dogs."
vocab:   all,  as,  guitarist,  happen    (details)

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