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Lots of questions


Groups of 3-6 students.

This is a card game for reviewing questions already learnt. Check out the questions and if you have already covered these in class then it’ll work well.

You can use it as a matching game. Make sure when you put the backing on the cards that the dark side is always on the QUESTION card and the light color is on the ANSWER card.

Place the cardsface down. The first student turns over one DARK card and makes a sentence. Student 2 then tries to make a match by turning over a LIGHT colored card. If they make a match then the 2 students get one card each to signify 1 point each. After the turn is over it’s student 3’s turn to turn over a dark card and then the next student has a chance to make a match.

If a student turns over a BONUS POINT card they instantly take the card and the turn is over.

There is a hint to help the students decide if it’s a good match. The characters on both cards should match (from the same show/movie)

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