-ing makes/made Bob happy.

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Reading books made Andy amazed.


For the teacher: add 4 more characters in the 4 biggest polaroids. I used the English teachers in my school but I removed them for obvious reasons.

For each character on the worksheet print a big copy of each character on A4 and stick some sort of activity on the back AND an emotion. (use your imagination) (see the presentation section for emotions that I used)
Put the characters all over the classroom with the character face up.

The kids work in paris with a worksheet each. The winner says “tell me about <character name>”.
The loser  runs over the character, turns over the character and looks at the PICTURE of the activity and emotion on the back. (dont just write the answer as it just becomes a reading exercise)

The loser runs back to their partner and speaks the sentence out loud. Then they both write in below the picture.

Rinse and repeat.


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2 Responses

  1. Khoa says:

    The kids work in “paris” with a worksheet each. Working in Paris doesn’t sound very feasible. lol

    • andymckie says:

      Sorry it took me 2 months to reply.
      Yeah. I want them to go to Paris and experience the French cakes. The worksheet is to catch the crumbs 😉

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