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A post office is a place where you can send letters.


Playing as a board game:
Put the students into groups of 3-5. They have a board game and 3 sets of cards (place, city and country). There is only one counter on the board. The first student rolls the dice and moves the counter. They then read the sentence on the appropriate card. The remaining students try and be the first to say the answer. If the get it correct they get 1 dollar. (print some fake money) If no-one can get the answer the person reading the question can get one dollar.
The next student rolls the dice and moves the counter…

If they land on the “Collect $1” square, the person whose turn it is collects the dollar.

Playing as a card game:
Just shuffle all the cards and place them face down on the table. The students just take turns asking question to the other students in the group. If they get it correct they keep the card as a point marker.

*NOTE* Make sure the correct backing is on the correct question cards.

back city back globe back place cards cities cards cards2.5 cards2 circular board game

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