Past Tense Verbs

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What did she do yesterday?
She played tennis


The students use the worksheet provided. They walk around and play Rock, Scissors, Paper with a partner. The winner gets to choose one of the characters and points while asking “What did she do yesterday?”. The loser must answer and write the past tense verb on the winner’s paper. (run this as long as you see fit)

If some students finish early they should write sentences about the 3 characters at the bottom of the worksheet.

If there is time, the students can turn over their paper and write full sentences using the information they collected from their friends. The students can decide a name for the character.
For example:

Pam cooked a chicken yesterday.

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p7) - "I came to Japan with my family last year."
vocab:   born,  come,  culture,  first,  grew,  grow    (details)

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