more most er est – Review

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Batman is more powerful than Andy.


The students work in groups of 3-5. They spread the cards face down (the adjective is showing) and each has a worksheet (also used as part of the production later) They will be using the right side of the sheet for the practice.

The first student chooses a card but DOESN’T TURN it over. For example “beautiful”. The student must guess if the other side of the card has a MORE MOST ER EST sentence on it. If the student if clever they can easily rule out 2 of the options (English training part) but the final 2 options are a guess. Once all the students have secretly circled their answer, the student who chose the card turns it over and reads it aloud. The correct students color the CIRCLE next to the row as a point marker.

The card is discarded and the next student chooses an adjective card.

You dont need to play through the whole pack, just stop the game after a certain amount of time.

**NOTE** make sure the back of the cards has the correct adjective when you make them. Also you probably wanna change my name to yours on the worksheet.

more most review FACE more most review more most review2 FACE more most review2 more most worksheet

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p92) - "It was the most exciting performance ever."
vocab:   airport,  come,  everything,  hope    (details)

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