Want vs Need

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I want to play soccer with you on Monday afternoon.
Sorry. I need to study English.


The students use this game to play a battleships style game.
First each student secretly circles 6 squares on the big board.

They work in pairs and try and guess where the other student has drawn the circles. Normal Battleship rules.

For example.
Student 1:
“I want to (insert anything in here. Ideas at the bottom of the page) with you on Monday afternoon.”

Student 2: looks at the corresponding square on their grid. If there is no circle:
“Sorry. I need to (look at the verb in the square and make an excuse)”
Student 1 marks a CROSS on the small version of the game on their sheet.
Students change roles.

If there IS a circle:
“Sure, OK”
Student 1 marks a CIRCLE on the small version of the game on their sheet.
Student 1 gets another chance!

Show the students how to play PURELY through demonstration. If you try to use only English the kids will get very confused.

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