This… that… yesterday.

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This is the car that I drove yesterday.


These cards are so general that you can sue them for a lot of different grammar points. I use them for this one as it gets the kids to really think about the verb they need to use and the correct conjugation.

For each group make 2 copies of each sheet. 4 in total. Cut up the cards. (try and print the 4 sheets all on different colored paper for a bit of color)

They play in groups of 3-6 students can deal out all the cards. The first student draws a card from the next player and makes a sentence… “This is the NOUN that I PAST-TENSE-VERB last week.”

If the player can make a match, then they can discard the pair.

Player 2 must make a comment about the sentence: “That’s wonderful/amazing/nice/bad/not interesting…..”

Player 2 then draws a card from player 3 and the game continues.

3rd gradeer cards copy copy 3rd gradeer cards

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