When is..? It’s…

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When is Andy’s birthday?
It’s July 15th.


To make this game you need to make 2 copies of the sheet and cut up the cards. You need to do this for each group of kids that play the game. Groups can be 3-5 players.

Deal out all the cards. The game is played like dominos. The first player can play any card to start and asked the question for the answer in the center of the card. “When is ….?” The next student needs to answer the question… “It’s……”

The student who answered then has a chance to play a card, but only the card that is before or after the card on the table. If you don’t know how to play dominos, please check on google.

If the student can’t play then they can pass and the next student gets a chance. The winner is the first student to have ZERO cards.

when train game

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p102) - "When's the next band practice?"
vocab:   around,  fly,  for,  grass,  jump,  minute,  stay,  turn,  walk,  water    (details)

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