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I go to school to study English.


This may take some explaining.

Put the students in groups and give them a worksheet each. You will need to prepare a set of cards for each group too.

Students Janken and the winner goes first and draws a card. The winner (A) asks the person to their left (B) and goes through this dialogue:

A: Do you go to (read the card)?
B: Yes, I do.
A: Why?
B: I go to (card) to (student thinks of a reason).

The student B gets the points on the card and gets to move that many around the board.

Play passes to the next student.

Extra rules/explanation

Instead of the next student to the left, they can use a dice and use that to pick a random (B) student.

The reason that B gets the points is to positively re-enforce being chosen to participate.

Instead of using a counter have the winner sign the finishing position.

The reason they each work from their own paper is so they have a take-away from the activity.

EWB 6x2 cards copy EWB 6x2 cards2 copy EWB I got to school to  copy

School textbooks

2 Responses

  1. Alexander A. says:

    Hi, Andy.
    A small detail. It should probably be “Landmark Tower”, not “Lankmark Tower”.
    P.S. And of course thank you for the great activities and ideas.

    • andymckie says:

      Hahaha… thanks. You are totally correct.
      LanKmark doesnt sound quite as nice. I’ll update the cards next time i do a bulk update.
      Cheers Alex.

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