We call it…

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It’s a Japanese temple.
We call it Kinkakuji.


I nice practice interview for the students to practice the grammar in an easy and simple environment.

The students play janken and the winner asks the loser, “Who/What is this?”
The loser reponds, “It/He/She is a Japanese… We call it/her/him…”

The loser signs the winners paper.

For a production activity; allow the students to come up with their own 3 items to tell the class. They can draw a quick picture if there is time (give them 1 minute per pic. This isn’t art class :p )


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  1. andymckie says:

    Sorry forgot to add the answers:
    He/she/it is a Japanese ___. We call him/her/it __.

    1. mountain, Fuji
    2. Group, Ikimonogakari
    3. Shrine, Kinkakuji
    4. Drink, calpis
    5. anime/manga, Dragonball
    6. temple, Kiyomizudera
    7. Food, natto
    8. man/tv presenter, Tamori
    9. Character, Pikachuuuuu
    10. Robot, Asamo (it’s in the Columbus textbook too)
    11. Tower, Tokyo sky tree
    12. Train, Shinkansen
    13. Food, Soba
    14. Character, Atsro boy/Atom
    15. Candy, Pocky
    16. Group, Arashi

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