Vocabulary words

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Visas for 6000 lives.


Very specific to the COLUMBUS third grade textbook p32-35.
The subject deals with World War two so some of the vocabulary is very specialized. Make sure it’s ok to teach the students these words before continuing.

Make groups of 4-6 students.

You can use these cards and make a set for each group. The answer cards (the cards with the words written on them) are printed in a different color.

Make to piles. Answer cards in a neat pile in the center of the group and the picture cards all face up and scattered around the group’s desks.

One student pulls a card from the answer pile and reads the word. The remaining students try to be the first to find the word and touch it.

It is a good activity to help the students remember words and their meaning… not a great communication activity. They gotta pass their tests I suppose :p

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