Must / Mustn’t

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You must turn left.


Put the students into groups of 3-6 and prepare ONE game board, and one full set of cards.

The students place a counter anywhere on the board to start.
All the cards a dealt out to the students.

The first students rolls a dice and moves that many positions. If they land on a sign square they need to make a sentence using the grammar point. The student that has the card must hand it over. If the student already has that card, nothing happens.

If they land on a give me one card. They can say “You must give me one card.” Point to any student and that student will hand over one card.

If they land on take a card. They can say “You must take a card.” Point to any student and that LUCKY student gets to take one of their cards.

You can keep playing for a while and stop the game after 10 minutes or so. The student with the MOST cards is the winner.

police signs copy 3 signs copy 2

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p70) - "He must learn to be patient with other dogs."
vocab:   all,  as,  guitarist,  happen    (details)

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