Give me

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Give me a pumpkin.


Students start at different positions on the board and start with 2 dollars each.
Prepare some money, vegetables, and the board.

If the student lands the shopping cart they can ask someone to “Give me a ____, please.”
One student acts as the temporary shop keeper and responds “Give me 1 dollar, please.”
One dollar is passed over and the student can get a vegetable. If the student doesnt have any money, they cannot get anything.

If they land on the ROBBER with shopping cart. They can steal a vegetable from another student without paying. They must say “Give me a ____, please.” No money is given.

If they land on the bank they can ask for money. (similar to the shop)
“Give me 1 dollar, please.” Another student stands in for the banker and gives the student 1 dollar from the bank.

If they land on the ROBBER and the dollar sign. They can steal 1 dollar from another player. They must say “Give me 1 dollar, please.”

The student that manages to make a full set of vegetables first, is the winner. If you run out of time and there is no winner, the student with the most points is the winner. Each vegetable, and dollar i ONE point.

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