I’m afraid / I’m sure

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I’m sure I’ll be able to play tennis with you.
Sorry. I’m afraid I have to meet Andy.


This game is a little convoluted but at least the kids will get to try something new.

This game is played in groups on 4-6 students.
For each group you need:
One board game, a dice, one set of numbered cards with the pictures printed on the other side, and a small dart board for each student.

First hand out a small dart board (with the points at the bottom) to each student and tell them to draw 9 circles in some of the white spaces around the small board. NOT 20 or 3. This is a secret so get them to fold over the paper when they have done it.

Lay all the cards out numbers up on the group’s desks. The student each place their token somewhere on the dart board but on-one can be on the same square. The first player rolls the dice and moves around the board. If the land on a number they can turn over that number card. They must now make a question using the picture…

“Are you able to _________ with me on _______?”

Any day is ok. The day is merely to give context to the grammar point.

They can ask any student in their group. If the student they asked has a CIRCLE on their card they answer in the positive and the student who asked gets 2 points. If there is no circle they answer in the negative and the student doesnt get any points.

If the student rolls the dice and lands on another player the student who landed on top gets 1 point and passes their turn.

If the student lands on 20 (they get a bonus 3 points) and if they land on 3 (they lose 3 points).

Keep playing for a while and when you decide to stop the player with the most points is the winner.

Students keep track of their points on the bottom of the small dart board.

My kids really liked it. Good luck!

Please change the card’s pictures that don’t relate to you… especially MY FACE!

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