I__ because __.

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I play tennis because it is exciting.


To make one set you need to copy each of the printouts so you have 2 sheets of A4. Make sure you add the backing so that the black side is on the FIRST part of the sentence and the whiter side is on the back of the second half of the sentence.

Once you have your 2 sheets of A4 with backing printed on the back, you need to cut them in half so that the black side and white sides are separate. It will also cut down the center of the faces.

Then cut up all the cards individually.

How to play:

Make groups of 3-5 students.

Lay all the cards face down on a groups desk. The dark cards on one side, and whiter cards on another.

First student turns over ONE black card, and ONE white card. Reads the sentence. The cards remain face up now.

If it’s not a match the next student turns over ONE WHITE card and tried to match it to the black card already shown. Student must then read the sentence.

This continues until a match is made. The student keeps the matching set. All the cards are put face down again and the winning student tries to get another match by turning over one BLACK and one WHITE card.

Note: Only ONE black card will ever be face up. The kids are turning over white cards to find the end of the sentence.
Correct matches are confirmed by checking to see if both halves of the face match.


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