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The basis for this class is based around using one set of cards. Most of the warmups for the first grades should include flashcards with words/letters and a lot of repeating/chanting. You can use these simple cards for a variety of additional games with the students.


The student place all the cards face up and put their hands on their heads. The ALT then reads one of the letters and the student who touches the correct card the quickest is the winner and collects the card. If there is a draw then they can play ROCK SCISSORS PAPER. You can play with both lower/higher case letters to make the game more difficult.

Spell the word

High level classes can try and spell the word you read out the fastest. (Remember there is only one of each letter when you choose the words). Fastest team gets points.

Alphabet chain

Only use one set of cards! Deal the cards out to all the students in a group (3-5 students). The student who has M goes first and plays the card. The next student can only play one letter above or one letter below
(L) M (N)
So, L or N is OK. If the student doesnt have either then they must pass to the next student.
If the student can play a letter L
(K) L M (N)
then the following student can play K or N.
It’s good to play a wrap around system too. So after Z the next student can play A.

This game can be a little difficult so I’d recommend practicing the whole alphabet on the board as a warm up and leaving it there for the duration of this game. The students can use it for reference when going backwards through the alphabet.

The winner is the first student with ZERO cards.


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