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It was sunny in France.
Snoopy was happy on Monday.
Snoopy and Mario were happy on Tuesday.


There are 2 pages of cards. Each team needs 2x(the 2 pages) on different colored paper.
For example: “cards page 1” and “page 2” on RED paper and “cards page 1” and “page 2” on BLUE paper.
That is 4 pages of cards to be cut up for each team.

In the group (of 3-6 students) separate the cards into 2 piles of different colors. (let’s say RED and BLUE)
The BLUE cards should be face down in a neat pile. The RED cards should be scattered face up over the surface of thegroup’s table.
Students then play ROCK PAPER SCISSORS to see who will go first.
The first student draws one of the BLUE cards from the face down pile and makes a sentence (there other students shouldnt see the card). The other students must then find the matching face up RED card and touch it. If the student successfully touches the correct card they may keep their RED card. The BLUE card is placed in a discarded card pile.
The next student then draws a card from the BLUE pile and the game continues…

Play this until one team almost finishes then count down from 10. A team should never finish as that means they will have nothing to do.

The student with the most RED cards from each team is the winner.

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