Who is this?

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Who is this?


Here are some shadows to famous characters you can play a game with your class.
I suggest sticking the answers to the back of the shadows so that you can spin them around and show them easily.

BEWARE, there is one “trick” shadow in there. It looks like Pikachu but is actually Doraemon… oh the banter! Probably best to congratulate the student who guesses Pikachu first before showing them the TROLL answer.

Don’t want the kids to feel stupid.


warm up6 answ (Medium)warm up6 (Medium) warm up5 ans (Medium) warm up5 (Medium)warm up4 (Medium) warm up3 ans (Medium) warm up3 (Medium) warm up2 answ (Medium) warm up2 (Medium) warm up ANSW (Medium) warm up (Medium) pika QU (Medium) pika ANS (Medium) warm up9 ans (Medium) warm up9 (Medium) warm up8 ans (Medium) warm up8 (Medium) warm up7 ans (Medium) warm up7 (Medium)

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p63) - "Who is that?"
vocab:   dad,  good,  like,  mom,  or,  pancake,  please,  sorry,  toast,  which,  would    (details)

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