Passive – was

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The window was broken by Andy.


This is a “Read and Run” activity featuring a WWE wrestler called John Cena. I like to introduce a character famous in my country to the students and have him re-appearing throughout the school year. Before we play this activity I like to show the students a minute of John Cena footage from YouTube. He is a good choice as (currently) he is a good guy, standing for PRIDE and HONESTY.

Before the game starts, get the students to fill in the different forms of the verb so they are SURE which form to use.

Use the word document to print A4 posters. On the back of each poster write a name of one of the “famous” people on the worksheet. Feel free to change them to who ever you want. Stick the posters all over the classroom with the character name hidden.
The student will work in pairs and play ROCK SCISSORS PAPER. The winner gets to ask the question and send the loser off the find the answer by peaking on the other side of the poster. When the losing student returns they must answer in English (watch out for cheaters who just say the characters name).

Once finished, check the answers from volunteers in the class. ALT, asks the question and the student answers. If there is time have the students make sentences on the back of the worksheet. For example: The money was taken by Andy. etc…



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