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My name is Bob.
I’m happy.


Before you start make sure you have all the BIG feeling cards from the presentation stuck on the blackboard. They should have a number next to each one written in chalk.

Use big print outs of the characters (provided). WRITE THE NAME OF THE CHARACTER on the front of the paper. If you don’t know their name, make one up.  On the back of the characters stick a random feeling card. Stick the characters all over the classroom with teh feeling hidden.
The students work in pairs and play ROCK SCISSORS PAPER.
The winner says to the loser: “Hi, (insert character name to hunt for). How are you?”
The loser must hunt for the character and look on the back for the feeling. When they return to their pair and answer as if they are the character: “I’m (Insert character name). I’m (insert feeling)”
As the students are only first grade they probably can write well in English so the students find the number of the FEELING (written on the blackboard) and write it in the little circle next to the character.
REPEAT until finished.

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School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p34) - "Feelings: Happy, sad, cold, hungry, etc"
vocab:   Japanese,  science    (details)

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