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Will you study English with me tomorrow?
Yes, I will. / No, I won’t.


First the student put a circle next to 6 of the phrases at the bottom of the page, and a cross next to 5 of them.
Students all start on the start square and the aim is to get to the finish. The students walk around the class and play ROCK SCISSORS PAPER. They winner get to ask the loser the question they are currently on. If the loser has a circle next to the phrase they answer “Yes, I will” and the winner gets a signature from the loser and moves up the next square. If the answer is no, then the winner moves right and collects a signature.
Long game rules: If the students get to a far edge (top or right side) they can wrap around the board (leave the right side and arrive on the left, or leave the top and arrive on the bottom). This will make the game A LOT harder to get to the finish.
Short game rules: The students cannot wrap around. They just cannot get a signature or move if they need to move right and are already on a far right square.

If there is time, students can write a report on the back of the worksheet.


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  1. Loch says:

    I love the use of the Superhero cafe characters. Do you have a “going to” activity in the works?

    • andymckie says:

      Thanks man. I love the YouTube show so I thought the kids would get a kick out of the characters.
      I’ve got loads more to upload but it’s just finding the time. I’ll do another big upload within the next 2 weeks.

      Thanks for the support Loch!
      I would love to use Mr. Tanaka in something…. if thats permissible

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