I my me mine

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I my me mine review.


Put the students into group of 3-5 kids. Then print out and cut up one set of cards per group. The students will be playing karauta.
You should prepare about 20 sentences that contain I, MY, ME or MINE beforehand. The students put their hands on their heads and listen to your sentence. You SHOULD NOT READ I, MY, ME or MINE from your sentence. Instead make a “HMMM” noise. The students must listen to the sentence and touch the appropriate card. The students can only touch one card each.
Repeat the correct answer with the whole class. The winners add one mark to a scrap piece of paper (given to each group) to keep track of points.
The slapped card isn’t kept by the student, but put back into the center for the next round.


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  1. andymckie says:

    The reason there are 2 sets of cards for each group is to allow more students to get more points. It sucks if the same fast student always gets the point. This way there are always 2 students in the group that get a point!

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