What were you …ing?

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What were you doing last night?
I was watching TV.


Use the printouts and make 2 sets of each piece of paper so each group and cut them into cards. You should have 40 cards for each group. You can use the cards for many games but I like to play and Old Maid game with them. One card is taken out of the pile and hidden. They kids then deal the remaining cards to the other students. If they have any matches they can immediately discard both cards into a discarded card pile.
The first player (A) turns to the player on their left (B) and asks “What did you do last night?”. Player A then touches one of player B’s hidden cards. Player B answers with a sentence about what is written on the selected card. Player B’s card is then given to Player A. If player A can make a match from their hand then they can discard both cards.

Player B then turns to their left and asks player C the question… repeat as above. The first player with zero cards is the winner.

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