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Have you eaten your lunch yet?


Bingo is fun to play but there must be an element of communication in the activity otherwise the students will learn nothing.
For this version of bingo the students must use the words at the top of the worksheet and fill in the bingo sheet.

Next, pull out numbers from a bag that represent the student numbers in the class. Once a student gets their number drawn they must ask you a question using the lessons’s target language. (they must conjugate the verb). All the students with a matching verb can cross it off. REMEMBER AND REPEAT the student’s question with the rest of the class.
The students can only win if they get a HORIZONTAL bingo line. This makes the game last a good length of time.







If there is time left. Go back to the practice worksheet and make the students write about their friends.
“Jim has already eaten lunch”


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  1. Loch says:

    This is the grammar for page 15.

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