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This is a monkey. That is a car.


As this is a low level first grade class there is no real writing or production for this class. I decided to play 2 practice games for the basis of the class.
This game is played using the rules of OLD MAID. Make 2 sets of the cards per group (3/4 member is best).

The first student lays a card face up and says “This is a …”. Then the same student selects an unseen card from the next student. The same student must say “That is a ….”. The student then picks up both cards and sees if they have a match within their deck. If they do they can discard the matching pair.¬†Then it’s the next student’s turn. REPEAT as above.

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p33) - "This is Aya. That's Taku."
vocab:   badge,  classroom,  here,  in,  it,  it,  it's,  the,  what,  what's,  your    (details)

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