Past Tense Verbs

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General verbs practice


Use these cards to play a variety of games. Students can practice all forms of the verb if necessary.
An idea is to use them to play doubt:

Make 3 copies of the card strip (there are 2 strips of cards per sheet. 24 cards total per group) and cut up for EACH group (3-5 students). Each group also needs a copy of the sheet that has the list of verbs on it.
Cards are shuffled and ALL are dealt to the students in the group. Each student takes it in turns to play a card FACE DOWN and use the Target Language for the class.
The next student needs to play the verb card that appears next on the LIST OF VERBS list that each group already has. The next student plays a card that appears next on the list… and so on.

The students can LIE. They can play a “throw” card but say it’s a “drink” card. Because it’s face down no-one knows they are lying. If another student suspects that someone is CURRENTLY lying they can say “DOUBT”. The accuser can then turn over the card and see if it is INFACT a lie.
If the card is a LIE then the player that played it must pick up ALL the cards in the pile. If the card was played truthfully then the accuser must pick up all the cards from the pile.

Once someone has picked up the cards the next student can start the game from anywhere on the list.

Once the game reaches the bottom of the list the game continues from the top.

Students can play 1, 2 or 3 cards at a time. They should play all the same card face down, but of course they can lie. The same rules for catching them apply.

Optional: the GOD card can be used as any card, so the player can never be caught for lying as the card can be anything. You should decide to use it or not. Using it might mean the students are too scared to call DOUBT.

The winner is the first student with zero cards.

8x2 cards DOUBT 2 doubt

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p7) - "I came to Japan with my family last year."
vocab:   born,  come,  culture,  first,  grew,  grow    (details)

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