Are you from…?

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Are you from France?


Use this passport to help the students practice “Are you from…?”

You could have the students fill in the details and choose one of the countries from the list. The students then walk around the classroom and play “Rock Scissors Paper”. The winner says “My name is ______” “Are you from…?”.

You can decide how many chances the student gets per turn but 3 normally works ok.

If the get it correct on their first guess they get 3 point, second guess 2 points and last 1 point. They can make a note of it on their worksheet.


School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p22) - "Are you Christina? Yes, I am."
vocab:   are,  good,  meet,  morning,  Ms.,  nice,  please,  to,  yes,  you,  you    (details)

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