He/She is…?

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He is Spiderman. She is Atsuko.


Cut the cards up and give one FULL set to each group. Make sure the students don’t look at them and place them in a pile face down.
The students take it in turns to flip over the cards. The first student to say the correct character AND USE English, wins the card.

The student flipping over the cards CANNOT guess. Otherwise they will normally sneak a peak as they are turning it over.

If no students know who the character is then the student flipping it over gets the card.

5x3 cards 2 5x3 cards 5x3 cards3

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p37) - "She's our P.E. teacher."
vocab:   Friday,  Monday,  Saturday,  Sunday,  Thursday,  Tuesday,  Wednesday,  week    (details)

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