He/She is…?

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He is Spiderman. She is Atsuko.


The students fill in the top left character with ANY details they want. They can be crazy/interesting names…etc.

Then they walk around the classroom and play “Rock Scissors Paper”. The loser must read their details and the winner gets to make a note in any FREE character space. BOYS answer’s in the HE spaces and GIRLS in the SHE spaces.

After they have collected some answers pick volunteers to read a report about their friends USING “He is/She is”.

Pick volunteers for at least 5 minutes as they havent practiced passing on 3rd hand information before and they didn’t verbally practice it in the production. But I feel it’s important to use old grammar and show how we an build on it to pass information to someone else (in this case the teacher)

He is she is

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p37) - "She's our P.E. teacher."
vocab:   Friday,  Monday,  Saturday,  Sunday,  Thursday,  Tuesday,  Wednesday,  week    (details)

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    Awesome! Thanks for being so quick 😉

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    Hey do you have a higher res version of this? As of now, the little text is blurry and unreadable.

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