He/She is…?

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He is Spiderman. She is Atsuko.


Hold up a distorted photo of a famous character or celebrity and get the students to guess using the Target Language “He/She is…”.

Remember to praise a wrong answer because it’s really the English that needs to be assessed. If the student gets it correct then show the original picture and repeat the sentence with the kids.

Here are some examples but it’s best if you use your own.

atsuko atsukoBLUR johnny-depp johnnyBLUR mariko MarikoBLUR matsumoto_jun MatsumotoBLUR minimouse minimouseBLUR spider spiderBLUR totoro totoroBLUR

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p37) - "She's our P.E. teacher."
vocab:   Friday,  Monday,  Saturday,  Sunday,  Thursday,  Tuesday,  Wednesday,  week    (details)

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