When ___, I ____.

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When it rained, I got wet.


Print all the cards with the special backing on the back of them. Make sure the dark side is on the back of the START of the sentence and the light color on the END of the sentence.

Cut out all the sentence into strips and the IN HALF. So that you now have cards which have a dark backing and a light backing.

How to play:

Put all the cards face down on the table. The first student turns over a dark card (start of the sentence) and reads it aloud. He then tries to find a matching light colored card and reads it aloud. He will probably fail as there are many cards. DONT TURN the cards back over, and now it’s the next students turn to try and find the light colored card. Each student must make a full sentence even if it is wrong.

Once a student finally gets a match. They can turn them all back over. The student gets to choose the next dark colored card and the game continues as before.

You cannot play this as a normal concentration game as there are toooooooo many cards. If you want to do that maybe only use one page

8x2 When I'm copy 2 8x2 When I'm copy copy backing5050

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p18) - "When I saw him today, he jumped up at me."
vocab:   car,  disappear,  drive    (details)

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  1. Loch says:

    You forgot a comma after “it rained”

  2. Loch says:

    I wish you had this in editable format. I don’t have photoshop at school so changing out pictures is a pain. Also on this when game. Do you cut it in half so that the picture is half on one side and half on the other?

    • andymckie says:

      Hey Loch.
      Sorry about only uploading the JPGs there isn’t any other way to do it. If my web server space was unlimited i could always upload the PSD files but some of them are >150MB.

      Yeah, make sure you slice the picture right down the middle so the students know when they have a correct match.

    • andymckie says:

      Also, you don’t need to use ALL the cards… there are LOTS. You can just trash the irrelevant ones.

      • Loch says:

        Thanks for providing this! I forgot that you work only in Photoshop. No worries, I can easily modify in ms paint, just won’t be as pretty.

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