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This is a monkey. That is a car.


The students walk around the classroom with their worksheets. When they meet a partner, the play ROCK SCISSORS PAPER. The winner then gets a chance to win some points.
The winner cannot look at their worksheet. The loser can look at their paper and says one of the nouns on the paper.
The winner must then say either “This is a ….” or “That is a ….”. If they guess correctly then they get a point.

The winner should get 2 or 3 chances to win a point. (or what ever you think appropriate)
Once the game has been played for some time, check the points and declare class winners. (give out stickers, if that’s your thing)

room this that

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p33) - "This is Aya. That's Taku."
vocab:   badge,  classroom,  here,  in,  it,  it,  it's,  the,  what,  what's,  your    (details)

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  1. loch says:

    Hey, I gave you two years to fix it. Still have calendar spelled “calander”.

  2. Loch says:

    You spelled “calander” wrong. Should be “calendar”.

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