It’s __ for __ to __.

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It’s easy for Andy to play tennis.


This game is played in groups of 3-6 students.

Make a set of cards for each group and make sure you put a backing on them that they can’t see through.

The cards are laid out on the table face in a line. The first student looks at the first card and makes a sentence. Afterwards turn it over and places it back in it’s original position at the start of the line.

The next student has to remember the sentence WITHOUT looking at it. If he is successful, he can look at the next NEW card and make a sentence. All cards are turned back over.

The 3 rd student must remember the first 2 cards and if successful can turn over the 3rd and make a new sentence. This continues until the time is UP or they finish (improbable).

If a student makes a mistake, the team MUST turn all the cards back over and the next student must start from the first card and try and remember all the cards back to the current point.

Use BIG versions of the cards on the board (could use the ones from the presentation) to demonstrate the game.

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