Comparatives – more – than

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Bob id more powerful than Jim


Put the students into groups (3-6 students)

This is a board game following on from the Presentation using the same monster cards.

Give each group a large copy of the game board. (A3 or A2 (2x A3) ), 1 set of monster cards and 1 dice.

The student take one monster card at random and that will be their card for the entire game.

The student rolls the dice and moves his piece to the appropriate space. If he lands on a square with one of the comparative words it starts a MONSTER BATTLE.

For example, lets assume he lands on a “powerful” space. He has to choose one of the other students to BATTLE. The two students lay down their cards and check the number next to “powerful”. The winner makes a sentence…
“<winner’s monster name> is more powerful than <loser’s monster name>”

The winner of the battle gets to move forward a BONUS 3 spaces (ignore whatever they land on during this bonus stage)

The dice passes from the student that just rolled around the group clockwise.

They can be anything you want but here are my ideas

Move forward 3 squares

Miss a turn
Change the students monster card with one leftover. (i prefer this one)

The winner is first to get to the finish or the leader after the time elapses.

mario map COLORbattle-cards

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p93) - "It's more exciting than basketball."
vocab:   because,  by,  goodbye    (details)

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