Was / Were

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It was sunny in France.
Snoopy was happy on Monday.
Snoopy and Mario were happy on Tuesday.


Blow up some of the cards. First write each of the 3 different TL sentences on the blackboard.
It was ___ in ___.
___ was ___ on ____.
___ and ___ were ___ on ___.

Use a card that relates to each of the TL and repeat with the students. Stick the example cards next to the TL on the blackboard so you have one card next to the proper TL.

Now hold up random (blown up to A4 or A3) cards and ask for a volunteer to try and make a sentence. Repeat each one after the student successfully makes a sentence. Repeat for as long as you see fit.

It’s a good idea to use your practice game elements in the presentation because; it’s easy to make for the ALT, the students learn how to read the cards in advance of the actual practice and keeps everything in the class streamlined and themed. (all looks the same and pretty)

karuta-was-were-2 karuta-was-were

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