There is / are

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There is a snake.
There are 2 balls.

The students make groups (3-6 students). The students can look at the picture for 2 minutes and try to remember as many things as the can. After 2 minutes the students play ROCK SCISSORS PAPER. The winner is the group leader from this point on and can look at the paper but must keep it a secret from the others.

The other take it in turns to say “There is …. / There are ….” If they are correct and it hasnt been said before they get a point (keep track of points on a scrap piece of paper)
If they are wrong or it was been said before then the leader holding the paper gets a point.

Each student only gets a maximum of 15 seconds per guess. Leave it to the kids in each group to count them down.

Play it until you feel they have guessed a lot or the leader keeps getting points because the kids can think of original answers.

*This was made by a previous ALT at my school. I thought it was awesome so used it without any alteration. Sorry I don’t know your name*


School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p35) - "There are some trees around the pond."
vocab:   both,  computer    (details)

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