Is there / Are there ?

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Is there a dog in the bedroom?
Are there SOME balls in the lounge?
Are there MANY cakes in the kitchen?


This class focuses on the target language and also tries to teach the difference between A, SOME and MANY. I made a judgement call and said that SOME is 2-4 and MANY is >5. The actual meaning depends on the normal amount of objects we would expect to find in given situation but teaching this concept would interfere with the real lesson which is “Is/Are there..?”. Please feel free to alter it if you feel you would like to teach it in a different way.

This is a simple Karuta game that can be played in groups. I like to make 2 FULL sets for each group. Each set must be printed on different colored paper as one set will be the game cards and the other will be put on the table in pile and used as the “question cards”. Each student takes it in turns to draw a “question card” and makes a question. The other students then try and touch the matching card that is face up on the table. The student making the question CANNOT try and touch the face up card.

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