Have to / don’t have to

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I have to study English at school.
I don’t have to run 10km everyday.


You can use this board game with cards (you’ll need to make your own).
The cards could be something the students need to decide if they HAVE TO do or DON’T HAVE TO do. For example:

wear school uniform
study Chinese
eat lunch
come to school before 8:30

If the student lands on a question they have to draw a card and make a correct sentence. If it is correct then they can move a bonus space. If it is wrong the student shouldnt be punish so there is no penalty.

The student to finish first is the winner.

1 - board game have to

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p38) - "I have to meet a friend."
vocab:   afternoon,  clean,  drank,  drink,  get    (details)

2 Responses

  1. Loch says:

    So do you usually have them miss a turn on sleep or nothing?

    • andymckie says:

      Depends how long I have for the game. Making them miss a turn will slow the game down… nothing will speed it up.

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