Must / Mustn’t / Should / Shouldn’t

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Will it be sunny tomorrow?
Yes, it will. You should wear sun screen.


Use these “simple” cards for various card games BUT the person playing the card must as the question and the next player must make the answer sentence before playing their own card.
You can choose the game and adapt the cards for your purpose.

rainy snowy sunny windy

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 2, p70) - "He must learn to be patient with other dogs."
vocab:   all,  as,  guitarist,  happen    (details)

4 Responses

  1. Loch says:

    I’m trying to imagine a game to use these cards, but it’s not coming to me.

    • andymckie says:

      You can play UNO either matching the color of the card for the picture. Or possibly Babanuki (make double the cards). The student reads the sentence on the card and if the other student has a match the can say “I agree” and give the card over… or “I disagree” and the student asking the question gets to choose a random card.

  2. Loch says:

    Typo, as = ask

    • andymckie says:

      Thanks. I’ll catch it in the next update. If i fix it now, it’ll get overwritten during the update. (Comments are safe, they won’t be overwritten)

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