Have you ever… ?

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Have you ever eaten tonkotsu ramen?


Everyone starts on the start circle. The student walk around the class and meet another student. They then ask their partner the question they are currently on and make a note of their answer near the circle.

The student who answered the question then gets to ask the other student the question they are currently on an makes a note of the answer.

The 2 students then play JAKEN (in English) the winner movies 2 places and the loser only moves 1 place. If the students get to the finish circle they sit down.

have you ever MEETING (no humans)

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  1. Asa says:

    Hi Andy,

    I liked this activity when you demo’d it at the meeting last week. I want to use it in my classes but I would like to change one of the countries to my own. Do you have an editable version of the worksheet I can use to do this? Thanks.

    • andymckie says:

      Thanks a lot. You can edit the files in PHOTOSHOP or Microsoft (word/powerpoint). If you are using the latter, you can put your images directly over mine and print it out.
      Otherwise, you can simply print it out. Cut out your images and stick them on top. Sometimes the low tech ways are the easiest and quickest.

  2. Loch says:

    Hey the image you uploaded is a bit small. Could you possibly uploaded a bigger one?

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