What’s this?

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What’s this?
It’s a banana.


The students have the worksheet and walk around and ask their friends “What’s this?” and the other guesses. The student asking must point to the picture on the paper.
Demo an easy one when demoing (Basically giving the class 1 or 2 answers)

Both students write the first letter of the answer in the small circle (writing too much for first grade slows down the communication aspect of the activity)

After enough time as passed get them to sit down and ask the class for volunteers for guesses. Show them the big picture once they get it correct or pass.

Student with the most correct matching letters is the winner!

NOTE: all the words are from the Columbus textbook

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School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p41) - "What's this? It's your school badge."
vocab:   basketball,  do,  don't,  favorite,  great,  guitar,  it,  musician,  on,  play,  sport,  team    (details)

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  1. loch says:

    Looks like the picture of the house isn’t working.

    • andymckie says:

      Thanks. Appears the database stopped accepting filenames with Chinese characters :-/
      Encoding problem. Re-uploaded.

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