What’s this?

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What’s this?
It’s a/an…


These are UNO cards that have been adapted from the 2nd grade class. They can be used for UNO. You need to print each sheet on different colored card and cut up all 3 sheets to make 1 set. The students can then play a card on a mathcing color or maching number. They must use the target question when playing a card the the neighbour must answer. The the answering student gets a chance to play a card.

new UNO 3 grey new UNO grey new UNO 2 grey

School textbooks
     Columbus (Grade 1, p41) - "What's this? It's your school badge."
vocab:   basketball,  do,  don't,  favorite,  great,  guitar,  it,  musician,  on,  play,  sport,  team    (details)

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